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Hempfy: about us

Hempfy focuses on innovative food and beverages, based on proprietary cold infusion technology for harvesting and processing THC-free hemp plants, compliant with Swiss legislation. All our products are 100% Swiss made : we grow Hemp, produce and develop our products exclusively in Switzerland from bottom to top. Our production is based on bespoke quality, starting from selecting the best seeds, clearest spring water till final production by the very "Swiss way of doing things". 

How did it all start ?

Our team is composed of experts in different fields (economics, history, technology, linguistic), but united by the passion to make lives better and less stressful.   

The Hempfy team discovered the amazing potential of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), many years ago. Because modern life can be tough sometimes, getting to know a natural way of relaxing has been a life-changing experience for our members.

As we were disappointed by the scarcity and boring choice of food and beverages made out of hemp, we decided to make a change and bring our expertise to create fun and healthy hemp-based products.

All of our recipes are of unique origin, where we highlight the best tastes available in the cannabis through mixture with other natural ingredients whenever possible.

Our Mission

Throughout centuries hemp was grown and processed for number of uses, including light industry, medicine, cosmetics and food production. Hemp is a powerful plant with a lot of consumer qualities, which yet have to be discovered and spread. Our mission is to advocate and open for general public true benefits of hemp consumption.

Just because we truly believe that more people should benefit from this miracle plant.

That's why our products are targeting customers who want to achieve their life goals through peaceful, fun and happy ways, without stress and too much pressure.

Time for stress is over - it's time to relax!

We guarantee THC-free products. Our hemp and final products are vigorously tested during all stages of production by third party laboratories for THC and CBD content as well as for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials and other contaminants.